Level the Playing Field
A disability no longer needs to keep an individual from earning an income or being successful. Access to technolog and new opportunities are levelling the playing field.
Work from Home
Working gives one an income and dignity and being able to work from home gives that plus freedom. For those with disabilities, working from home is ideal. Prep For Success helps secure online employment for our recipients.

Prep For Success needs volunteers to find employment for our recipients and to help them get set up with what they need to succeed at home. Contact Prep For Success if you're interested in volunteering.
Advanced Placements
Some of our recipients have advanced degrees and skills and we're able to provide advanced placement jobs and at home work. We need help finding and securing these opportunities.
Out of the Home
Part of our program gives our recipients time to get out of their homes and meet with others in social and recreational environments. We want all recipients to find success in the home and out of it in both their professional and personal lives.
Next Generation
Success isn't just for you, it's for others too. Your children can benefit from your success. You work from home and find success out of it. Those skills can be taught to the next generation and they can find success too. Able or not, the future is in technology and now that the playing field is level, we all benefit.